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Millions of people use FreeCalls World to call free or at remarkable low international rates.

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Clear & Stable Calling

Dial away and make a high quality phone calls with voice quality that is crystal clear, just like making phone calls from a landline!.

Unlimited Free Call Credits

You can receive free calling time easily by watching ads, playing games, completing tasks and inviting friends.

WiFi/Cell data calling

Call friends and family with FreeCalls World via WiFi or cell data; no cell minutes required. Turn your tablet into a phone.

No roaming fees, anywhere

Take your phone or tablet with you when you travel. Call any phone numbers on WiFi without paying outrageous roaming charges.

Low International Calling Rates

With FreeCalls World you can call anywhere in the world at the lowest rates possible especially compared to Viber and Skype.

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About FreeCalls World

Our mission is to make phone calls easier.

We have a very simple vision: To make it easy for you to communicate with anyone, anywhere at little or no cost.

We want you to be able to stay in touch with your friends and family, but don’t need to worry about high phone bills. In other words, real-time mobile communications the way you want it to be – reliable, easy, low cost or no cost at all.

Today, millions of people worldwide use FreeCalls World free calling app for free or low-cost and we enable you to call friends and family that do not have the app installed.

Real-time mobile communications. The way you want it to be.

FreeCalls World is part of Frontdesk Group Europe.


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Download now and start calling free any phone number worldwide even if they don't have FreeCalls World application. By contrast, Skype, Viber are only free if the recipient has also already installed the app. Download the app on Google play.

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